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Permission and DNS errors creating a DAG in Exchange 2013 CU1

All sorts of issues creating a DAG in 2013 (CU1) – probably because of an aborted cross-domain DAG attempt (guessing this isn’t supported, but couldn’t find any docos saying so for 2013… doesn’t appear to work, so the pudding proves the point). … Continue reading

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Exchange Management Shell can’t connect to local server

I had this issue on a server in my test lab – EMS couldn’t connect to the local machine. There were several differnet errors at different times – couldn’t find a domain controller, http bad response, general ‘couldn’t connect’ type error. … Continue reading

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Managing Office 365 mail with PowerShell

Like: Now you can add resource mailboxes through the new Office 365 UI Dislike: They seem to have removed the ability to manage secondary proxy addresses through the UI. So. To setup the connection to manage mailboxes through PowerShell, do … Continue reading

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RIP email corollary

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged… well that’s social media for you; I’ve been way too busy posting pictures on the local cygnets on Facebook to do anything useful. Anyhoo, that old story of email being dead still rumbles … Continue reading

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Forefront 2010 Powershell

Not sure how useful FF PS is going to be, but can’t be worse than the UI (which seems even worse than the previous version). Anyhoo, to get the commands in EMS (where I more commonly live) run EMS as … Continue reading

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