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A quick tour of the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway

As I introduced the SECURE Email Gateway in my last blog post, I thought I’d take a few minutes to do a whistlestop tour of the current version (3.5 – actually 3.5.4 once you’ve patched it). In order to stop my RSI developing … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013: 421 4.3.2 Service not available

There appears to be a bug in 2013 (inc. CU1) where the transport stops receiving connections with this error. In my case I have the FE role on the mailbox server, and also have a custom (hub transport) receive connector for … Continue reading

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Managing Office 365 mail with PowerShell

Like: Now you can add resource mailboxes through the new Office 365 UI Dislike: They seem to have removed the ability to manage secondary proxy addresses through the UI. So. To setup the connection to manage mailboxes through PowerShell, do … Continue reading

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Need an Edge server for email? SECURE Email Gateway’s worth a look…

Here’s a disclaimer: I am currently contracting at Clearswift as a Test Engineer, and am therefore somewhat biased. I genuinely think this is a pretty good product, but bear that in mind when you read this blog. Here’s another: The … Continue reading

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RIP email corollary

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged… well that’s social media for you; I’ve been way too busy posting pictures on the local cygnets on Facebook to do anything useful. Anyhoo, that old story of email being dead still rumbles … Continue reading

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