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Just to echo a note from Greg (guessing Greg Taylor from the Exchange team?) on that CU2 blog entry regarding a change in those annoying [to me at least] health/probe messages: “Hi! Just for heads up… With CU2 inboundproxyprobe has new TLD in place: … Continue reading

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Permission and DNS errors creating a DAG in Exchange 2013 CU1

All sorts of issues creating a DAG in 2013 (CU1) – probably because of an aborted cross-domain DAG attempt (guessing this isn’t supported, but couldn’t find any docos saying so for 2013… doesn’t appear to work, so the pudding proves the point). … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013 CU2 available

Oops, didn’t notice this one from two days ago – CU2 for 2013 is now available for download from Luckily as I’m working as a test engineer at the moment, I can get to test this out immediately – … Continue reading

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Where’s my UI gone?

Had an issue on a test machine where I removed Exchange 2013 and .Net Framework 3.5 and 4 features… rebooted after removal and  – hang on, where’s my UI gone? Both on the console and via remote connection (yes – … Continue reading

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Exchange Management Shell can’t connect to local server

I had this issue on a server in my test lab – EMS couldn’t connect to the local machine. There were several differnet errors at different times – couldn’t find a domain controller, http bad response, general ‘couldn’t connect’ type error. … Continue reading

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A quick tour of the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway

As I introduced the SECURE Email Gateway in my last blog post, I thought I’d take a few minutes to do a whistlestop tour of the current version (3.5 – actually 3.5.4 once you’ve patched it). In order to stop my RSI developing … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013: 421 4.3.2 Service not available

There appears to be a bug in 2013 (inc. CU1) where the transport stops receiving connections with this error. In my case I have the FE role on the mailbox server, and also have a custom (hub transport) receive connector for … Continue reading

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