RIP email corollary

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged… well that’s social media for you; I’ve been way too busy posting pictures on the local cygnets on Facebook to do anything useful.

Anyhoo, that old story of email being dead still rumbles on – Towers Watson’s report states that “only 56% of companies are using [social media] to communicate with employees on topics such as organizational structure, team building or innovation.”

Well, by Tim’s made-up-on-the-spot figures clearly show that 99% of companies still use email for this task, so I think the reports of the death of email are definitely largely exaggerated.

In the meanwhile since my last post, Microsoft have of course bought Yammer, and I’ve seen Jive first hand. Both useful tools, as are SharePoint and IM (is that really social media?), but I don’t think email has much to worry about right now. As an email consultant, Microsoft’s push towards Office 365 and lack of attention until recently to on-premise is more concerning, but that’s a personal problem. GMail are revamping to come back at Microsoft, so maybe cloud will win in the end, but I think in any case on-prem email solutions are always going to be around, and always be a pain in the butt to deploy/migrate/manage – hopefully anyway; my work depends upon it 😉

(There are other enterprise social networking products/services, but I don’t anything about know them – seems to be the one most people talk about, but again I have no knowledge)

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