Forefront 2010 Powershell

Not sure how useful FF PS is going to be, but can’t be worse than the UI (which seems even worse than the previous version). Anyhoo, to get the commands in EMS (where I more commonly live) run EMS as an administrator (i.e. right-click the icon and choose ‘Run as administrator’ – how annoying; must be a way round that) and enter:

Add-PsSnapin FSSPSSnapIn

To view commands available, enter:

Get-Command *fse*

At first glance, useful ones include:

Get-FSEReport (recent events)
Get-FSESignatureUpdate (shows dates of recent engine updates)
Get-FSESpamReport (Spam report for a specified period)

Admin context to load snap-in seems like a pain, as I’d like to include it in daily checks scripts… need to do some research I guess…

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